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The Wealth Mentor Minister George M. Howard Jr. has over twenty years’ experience as a financial coach and wealth mentor. He is the author of the nationally recognized books: “Edit Your Credit”, “From Purchase to Profit”, and “6 Steps to 6 Figures”. He believes “money management is a mindset and broke is a temporary condition”. George exclaims, “if you can change your mind about money, money will change its mind about you and stick around for a whole lot longer.”

How I Bought a House for $500 Debt Free with No Credit


You know what’s more important than the house you buy? How you buy that house. Purchasing a house is usually the most expensive and emotional purchases you will ever make.  Purchasing a house traditionally will involve so many people it will make your head spin.  For example, a traditional home purchase will involve a realtor, seller, loan officer, a processor, appraiser, title agent, home inspector, insurance agent and closing agent.  This is 9 people and this is if you are lucky.   This does not include borrowing huge sums of money with interest resulting in a ridiculous amount of money that will totally [...]

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5 Mistakes Teens Make With Money


1. Having no accountability Over the past 20 years of teaching personal finance, I have found the number one reason adults have issues with finances is because they never had accountability with money, therefore, they have had no restraints or structure with money.  This is because as teens no one held them accountable for how they spend their money.  They believe they earned it they can spend it however they like. This attitude continues as they grow older, retire on nothing, and eventually, die leaving nothing behind.  Holding teens responsible for how they spend will result in more responsible adults who understand [...]

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For Love or For Money


Money may be able to buy love however fighting over it will bankrupt a relationship. One of the common threads each marriage share are the vows made at the altar before God… “for better or worse and for richer and for poorer”.  Theses words sound good until life happens and the commitment  you made is starring you back in the eye through “worse” and “poor” experiences. The lyrics of song writer Gwen Guthrie, “you have to have a J-O-B if you want to be with me, “”aint nothing going on but the rent,” “No romance without finance” still ring true in [...]

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Black Women Look Good But Not Worth $5.00


Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Nine West a few names in African American Fashion but new study indicates black women may look good, but they are only worth $5.00 Wearing $2095 and you only worth $5 She is fine from head to toe, literally. Her fresh wax-wrap pedicure ($40.00) are showing through her open toe Jimmy Choo shoes ($500.00) matching perfectly with her new black True Religion jeans ($300.00) and shirt ($100.00).   Her hot wax manicure ($35) is flawless as they coordinate precisely with her Macy’s accessories ($70). Her Bobby Brown makeup ($200) is exquisite as it blends in with each [...]

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