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Tax Lien 201

Tax Lien Investment Beginner Course

Tax Lien 201 Beginner Course

The Purchase to Profit Tax Lien Curriculum has been successful in helping others purchase tax liens all over the country.  Our success is reliant upon the 7 P's of investing.   Understanding and utilizing the 7 P's of investing is critical to your success in Real Estate.  Our focus is your success and we have the highest success ratio than any other course, curriculum, or expert in the tax lien industry.  Enter your text here...

Our students have purchased over 500 liens that have produced over 400 properties in the last 3 years along.  This is an 80% Success ratio.  This is unheard of in any industry.  Oh, and did I mention the average price our students have paid for a house is $900.  This is AMAZING.  

I challenge you to get started today.  We have broken the 7 P's into 4 affordable segments.  You can get started today for only




Obtain all of the information from the "Starter Package" while learning how to plan and prepare for the auction.  You will develop your strategy no matter the size of your budget.  Learn how to obtain a list and research any list so you will always be ready for any auction.


This is a 4 unit, 60 module course designed to show you how to plan and strategize for a tax lien auction.  This course goes even further by showing you the exact steps on how to research and prepare for an auction to ensure your success in every state. (includes the Starter Course)

This Beginner Course Will Cover The First 
4 of 7 P's of Tax Lien Investing

  • The Personality 
  • The Process
  • The Plan
  • The Preparation
  • Learn what type of investor are you
  • Develop a plan based on your strategy
  • Learn how to obtain a tax lien list in your county
  • Learn to research your list for the best properties
  • How to do drive-bys
  • How to talk to occupants and neighbors
  • The ten elements of preparation
  • Develop your master book for the auction

Included Bonuses

We are giving you free bonuses.
These extra bonuses add even more value! 

$225 Value

  • Digital Map of the States (Value $75)
  • Complete State Reference Guide (Value $50)
  • Financial Freedom University State Directory (Value $100)