For Love or For Money


Money may be able to buy love however fighting over it will bankrupt a relationship. We must come to the point where we must wonder if the relationships we choose are for love or for money. One of the common threads each marriage shares are the vows made at the altar before God… “for better or worse and for richer and for poorer”.  Theses words sound good until life happens

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Black Women Look Good But Not Worth $5.00


Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Nine West a few names in African American Fashion but new study indicates black women may look good, but they are only worth $5.00 Wearing $2095 and you only worth $5 She is fine from head to toe, literally. Her fresh wax-wrap pedicure ($40.00) are showing through her open toe Jimmy Choo shoes ($500.00) matching perfectly with her new black True Religion jeans ($300.00) and

Black Women Look Good But Not Worth $5.002020-06-12T18:24:14-05:00
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