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The Credit Intelligence Agency is full of credit experts and students who have had dramatic success with repairing their own credit.  Join other students who are looking to clean up their credit and the credit of others. 

Join a group of people who are determined to help other eliminate the following items from their credit report. 

  • Bankruptcies
  • Charge Offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Student Loans
  • Medical Bills

Join The Credit Intelligence Agency Today and Obtain

  • The Best Credit Group on the Planet
  • George's Tips to an 800 Credit Score
  • 6 Steps to 6 Figures Mini Course
  • CIA Monthly Calls
  • The Credit Rocket
  • Edit Your Credit - Credit Course
  • Quick Start Credit Guide
  • 5 Credit lines guaranteed





Eliminate Bankruptcies

Delete Repossessions

Eradicate Tax Liens

Develop Better Credit

Wipe Out Old Debt

Increase Your Credit Rating

Clean Up Collections

Blot Out Student Loans

Lower Your Payments

Expunge Charge Offs

Erase Unverifiable Information

Annihilate Inquires

Destroy Inaccurate information

Raise Your Income

Obliterate Medical Bills

Boost Your Approvals

You Will Be Equipped With The Following Tools

The Best Credit Group on The Planet

Join other on the same credit journey who have had previous success repairing their credit. Credit X-Perts will also be their to help you on your journey. 

Edit Your Credit Course

Watch and learn with George as he teaches you the Inner Secrets to Credit, Scoring, Disputing, Negotiating and everything else you need for perfect credit. 

Credit Rocket

The Credit Rocket is the best thing in credit repair ever.  We have done all the work for you, simply put in your account name and number and generate your credit letter. 

CIA Credit Calls - Every Month

Participate in a live coaching call once a month for an hour where you can ask our credit experts any questions you need to help you generate a perfect credit. 

Edit Your Credit Course

Receive this 32 lesson course with over 7 hours of information on how to obtain and maintain an excellent credit rating. 

$90 Value

  • Learn how to remove negative items such as tax liens, bankruptcy, late payments, collections, charge offs, foreclosure, etc. 
  • Learn why you may have been denied and what lenders look for so you may get approved  when applying for credit. me. 
  • Learn how to obtain an 800 credit score regardless of your credit score 

The Credit Rocket

We've made credit repair easy with our system and credit letter templates.  All you need to do is enter your account names and numbers and the rest is done. 

$150 Value

  • Easy template letters that will make credit bureaus, collection agencies and bank remove negative items.
  • Be on your way within minutes to excellent credit.
  • Every step you need to getting bad credit off and good credit on your credit file. 

CIA Credit Call - Monthly

Participate in our monthly call with our credit experts.  Tell them what is going on with your credit and receive guidance on what they would do in your situation. 

$200 Value

  • Receive coaching from our credit experts to help you develop a personal credit plan.  
  • Receive tips on how to negotiate negative items off your credit report. 
  • Learn how to build credit through obtaining credit cards, secured and unsecured even with bad credit.

Included Bonuses

We are giving you free bonuses with our purchase absolutely free. Enhance your life  with the following products that will assist you in obtaining great credit and financial freedom. 

$100 Value

  • 5 Credit lines guaranteed credit whether you have good credit or bad credit.  
  • Learn how the 6 steps to financial success free with the 6 Steps to 6 Figures Mini Course.
  • Quick Start Credit Guide will show you the quickest ways to increase your score withing the first 120 days regardless of how bad your credit maybe.