8 Courses In 1

We Are Recording 4 of the 8 Course LIVE

Tax Lien Master Course

Learn Everything You Need to Be Successful in Real Estate and Tax Liens In this Live MasterClass with Financial Moses.  This package is designed for beginners as well as real estate experts.  Take this journey with us as we teach the basics of real estate all the way to becoming a Master.  

Free Courses

The Credit Blueprint

100 Point Credit Score Increase In 120 Days

Don't Pay Someone thousands of dollars to repair your credit.  This free training will allow you to DYI faster, cheaper, and be more effective. 

Purchase to Profit Training Course

Tax Lien and Deed Free Training

This training will get you started in the details of what you need to know to begin investing in tax liens.  This 4 course training will lift your knowledge in this special area of real estate while giving you a 5 step action plan.

6 Steps to 6 Figures Mini Course

6 Step to 6 Figures Free Training

We have been successful in transforming over $100,000,000 of debt elimination and cash-flow creation utilizing these six steps.

Financial Workshops

Credit Conquerors

Learn how to delete almost anything from your credit: bankruptcies, foreclosures, charge-off, late payments, etc., and build new credit lines, thereby increasing your credit score

Business Builders

This course will help your business ideal or existing business explode in grow and profits. George will show you how to plan your business on paper so you can see profits in reality. 

Financial Freedom

This course is so amazing students have renamed it Freedom Fighters.  Allow your finances to be transformed through developing cash-flow, a debt free plan, increasing net-worth, and so much more.

Economic Emancipation

The is the Total Package. These courses include Credit Conquerors, Business Builders, and Financial Freedom. Together these courses equal Economic Emancipation. 

Financial Courses

Keep More Money

This is not your average class on Financial Education. It more than that, it’s a wealth creation, debt elimination, credit and business building system that is designed to change your life forever.

Make More Money

 In this course you will find the tools necessary to reduce your liabilities and increase your income thereby, increase your cash-flow.  We will teach you have to place money management systems in your life that will bring immediate returns to your household. (includes Make More Money)

Grow More Money

Yes all of this is possible if you make the choice to change your life.  Register for this system/course today and watch your life become financially stress free.  Gain the economic freedom and liberty God wants you to have and no longer allow debt or money to be your master. (includes Keep More Money)

Real Estate Tax Lien Courses

Purchase to Profit Starter

This course is the perfect start to tax lien and deed investing.  You will learn the fundamentals to real estate investing to ensure your success in your investments.  

Purchase to Profit Beginner

You will develop our strategy no matter the size of your budget.  Learn how to obtain lists and research any list so you will always be ready for any auction. (includes Starter Course)

Purchase to Profit Advance

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with tax liens and deed anywhere in the United States.  (includes, Starter and Beginner Courses)

Other Financial Courses

 Edit Your Credit

This Edit Your Credit Course is the most advance credit education on the planet.  You will learn how to clean almost anything off your credit and how to rebuild credit through new trade-lines.  No matter where you are or how bad your credit maybe this credit is what you are looking for. 

6 Steps to 6 Figures

There is a method to building wealth.  Anyone can be wealthy as long as you have the desire.  Take this course and allow Mr. Howard to take you through all 6 Steps to 6 Figures.  This class has literally helped thousands of people develop cash-flow, become debt free, obtain excellent credit, lower their taxes, and build wealth.  

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to everyone's life.  This course will provide the teachings and the templates you will need to complete your Will, Trust, Health Care Directive and Durable Power of Attorney.