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Financial Freedom University transforms consumers into capitalist through the Biblical principle of combining Faith and Works. By applying the Biblical teachings of financial education, real estate acquisition, business development, and developing passive income through investing.

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Credit letters are not beneficial unless you know how, when and who to utilize them towards. We have laid out an exact strategy on how to have the following items removed from your credit report.
Strategy Road Maps

We’ve done the work and you get the credit

  • To Eliminate a Bankruptcy
  • To Eliminate a Repossession
  • To Eliminate a Medical Debt
  • To Eliminate a Public Record
  • To Eliminate a Student Loan
  • To Eliminate a Inquiry
  • To Eliminate a Foreclosure
  • To Eliminate Charge Off
  • To Eliminate a Collection
  • To Eliminate a Late Payment
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How to Obtain An 800 Credit Score

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