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The Credit Rocket

Bad credit effects EVERY part of your financial life.  Don't allow yourself to be embarrassed another day by bad credit.  With this free course you will be able to delete almost ANYTHING off your credit whether the negative items belongs to you or not.  Yes, you can be completely guilty of the reported item on your credit report, but it can legally be removed. 

Look At What Is Included

Credit Road Maps

Credit repair is not just sending in a letter.  It is about having a strategy to delete each item.

Get step by step directions on how to delete each of below items from your credit report.  




Medical Debts

Judgments and Liens

Student Loans



Collections and Charge Offs

Late Payments

Letters to The Credit Bureaus

                       Letter of
                  Returned Mail

To Dispute an Account
 Unverifiable / Inaccurate

 To Have Outdated 
        Information Removed        

Bankruptcy Letter
to Credit Bureau

Letters to Creditors

 Stop Debt Collectors
From Contacting You

Student Loan
Dispute Letter 2

Collection Agency

Public Information
Freeze Letter

Bankruptcy Court 
Verification Letter

Letter to

Letter to Creditor to
Dispute Hard Inquires

Public Record
Court Verification Letter

120 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If your credit score does not increase within 1200 days of following our steps we will give your money back.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

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