Edit Your Credit
3 Book Series

Insider Secrets to A
Perfect Credit Score

Edit Your Credit - 3 Book Series

Edit Your Credit is 3 book collection proficiently designed to teach you how to beat the credit system.  Through this series you will learn how to obtain and maintain an excellent credit rating. George has made credit repair simple as he provides step-by-step instructions and information on how to repair and build your credit.  You will learn the shocking truths the credit reporting agencies do not want you to know. Edit Your Credit encompasses all the inside tips, techniques, and tactics you need to survive and thrive in today's credit society. 

What 60 Minutes Investigation Found

40 Million Americans Have Errors on Their Credit Report

Twenty percent of Americans have an error on their report, according to the Fair Trade Commission.  However, I believe 100% of credit reports are not accurate. 

With the Edit Your Credit Bundle, you can overcome the Credit Reporting Agencies and a negative credit rating as you learn the insider secrets the credit reporting agencies don't want you to know.

Volume 1

Insider Secrets to Excellent Credit

The Credit Reporting Agencies are so cumbersome with codes, rules, laws and mystery. Edit Your Credit is designed to reveal the secrets on how the Credit Reporting Agencies work and the secrets of how to work within them to obtain excellent credit.  Credit is all about risk and risk is evaluated through credit scores.  This book will show you how to be a lower risk to credit reporting agencies thereby, raising your credit score immediately.  


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Volume 2

Insider Secrets to Fighting and Winning

With this book you will learn the insider secrets on how to remove negative misleading information, late payments, write/charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. This book will also teach you how to negotiate with creditors. If fighting and winning with the credit reporting agencies and debt collectors is important to you then this is just what you are looking for.

Volume 3

Insider Secrets to Everyday Living

Life happens and so does your credit. Edit Your Credit - Insider Secrets to Everyday Living will help you live through life circumstances and come through with an excellent credit rating. Inside you will learn how to thrive through any situation whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, filed bankruptcy, in ChexSystems in the Armed Forces, a teenager, a senior, or if you have experienced fraud.

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Highlights of Each Book and Course

There are so many subjects covered in each book we could not come close to fitting all of the highlights it in this section.  Each book is over 150 pages of pure content.  Below you will only find some highlights of each series. 

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  1. Edit Your Credit - 8 Hours Course on  87.00
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  3. Edit Your Credit - Volume 2 - Insider Secrets to Fighting and Winning  $19.97
  4. Edit Your Credit - Volume 3 - Insider Secrets to Everyday Living   $19.97

Edit Your Credit Course Bundle

 3 Book Series - With 8 Hour Course



george m. howard jr
the Author

Author George M. Howard Jr. has served in the credit industry in one capacity or another for over 20 years.  Edit Your Credit was originally one book published to 2002. Through his experience, he has acquired insider secrets Credit Reporting Agencies do not want you to know. As Founder of Financial Freedom University Mr. Howard has literally helped thousands of people immediately accelerate their credit rating, pay off over 70 million dollars of debt, and obtain over 30 million dollars of cash-flow. George has carefully documented his tips, techniques and tactics to afford you the opportunity to "Edit Your Credit" too.

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