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Three Emancipation Courses In One


Learn how delete almost everything off your credit and increase your score over 100 points.  We will show you how to never be denied for credit again.  


Learn how to generate cash-flow and be debt free without major changes in your life.  By the end of this course you will have a defined financial plan for your life. 


This is the ultimate business course. Develop your business model, MVP, target audience and message, brand, sales and how to scale your company.

 Conquer Your Credit By...

  1. 1
    Learning How to Delete Almost Anything From Your Credit
    We will show you how to delete late payments, charge-offs, collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, medical debts, and public records.
  2. 2
    Turning Negative Accounts Into Accounts That Will Skyrocket Your Score
    An account that has been hurting your credit for years can be the same account that will boost your score if you only knew how.
  1. 3
    Learning the Work Around to Deleting a Verified Account From Your Credit.
    Learn how to apply the work around to deletion on negative accounts that have been previously verified by the credit bureaus. 
  2. 4
    Obtaining New Credit Lines Even If You Have Been Previously Denied.  
    We are going to show you how to establish new credit lines to begin new credit history no matter what your previous credit history maybe.

You can't find more value for your money

6 Classes that will will help you maximize your credit


Developing Your 100 Point Credit Score Plan

Learn how to examine your credit report.  Together we will develop the best strategy to increase your score in the least amount of time. 

How to Delete Almost Anything

Put your plan into action by deleting collections, charge-off, bankruptcies, foreclosures, hospital bills, late payments and student loans. 

Getting Bill Collectors To Help Your Credit Score

You will learn how to get bill collectors to help you increase your score in several different ways and strategies.

Skyrocket Your Score With The Credit Rocket

Send personalized letters to creditors or credit bureaus using our automated Credit Rocket that is Fast, Easy, Effective.

Never Try These On Your Credit

There are so many myths, misinformation and just out right lies that are popular.  Learn what common misconceptions will actually hurt your credit if you use them. 

Building Credit That Will Never Be Denied

Build your credit with new credit lines.  This will allow you to increase your credit score and build a reputable credit history.  Apply all the principles in this course and you will never be denied credit again. 

Obtain Financial Freedom By...

  1. 1
    Developing the Mindset to become Financially Free in thought and in action.                                                         We will give you the budget and cash flow sheet and help you put together a plan.    We will focus on the wealth mindset to help you carry out your financial journey.         
  2. 2
    Having a Total Freedom Plan to become Economic Freedom.  
    We are giving you all the tools you need to become debt free, by providing additional cash-flow, increasing your Net Worth.  Come and enjoy this financial journey of freedom with people like yourself who have the desire to be financially free.
  1. 3
    Developing Financial Systems to propel you into Financial Freedom.  
    We teach, if you cannot measure it you can not manage it.  We will show you how to use our monthly cash-flow system each month to help you produce cash-flow and eliminate debt. 
  2. 4
    Purchasing assets that will produce passive income and set you free financially.  
    We will teach you how to purchase assets that will produce passive income.  We want you to enjoy the pleasures of life. Let us show you how to change your financial life forever.

You can't find more value for your money

6 Classes that will will help you increase your credit score at least 100 points


Empowering You Financially With a New Mindset

Wealth will only grow to the extent that you do.  You will learn how to be free financially by accepting where you are, how you got there, who is in control and how to move into your wealthy place. 

Measuring and Managing Your Money

We are providing you with the tools to put you in charge of your money. Through monthly statements you will be able to measure your finances so in return, you will be able to manage them.

Developing Assets Instead of Liabilities

The key to wealth is knowing what to purchase and how to purchase.  We are showing you how to purchase assets that will help you build wealth and pay for your liabilities. 

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money 

Cash-flow is the greatest asset a person can have.  We will show you how to immediately increase your cash-flow and stop you from living check to check. 

Developing Your Debt Free Plan

One of the main enemies of wealth is debt.  With the debt accelerator you will create a debt free plan that will show you how to become debt free in as little time as possible. 

Networth, Cashfow and Financial Freedom

When you want to test your wealth check it against your net-worth.  When you add up your assets and subtract your liabilities the difference will be your Net-worth.  Receive your net-worth statement and plan to obtain financial freedom. 

Build  Business Profits By...

  1. 1
    Developing and Testing ​your Business Model
    The most important aspect of your business is your business model.  How will you make money? Who will you sell to? How will your product get into the hands of your end users. We will help you shape and form your business model while testing your proof of concept.
  2. 2
    Understanding Entity Structure and How to File With Your State                                                     Learn how to form Sole Proprietorship, LLC's, S-Corps, C-Corps, and Partnerships and the differences between each of these.  This will determine ownership, stocks, how dividends are paid, how owners are paid, liabilities, protections, etc.
  1. 3
     Finding Your Target Audience and Developing Your Marketing Strategy.                                                 Learn how to find your select group of people who are most likely to purchase your product.  Then learn what to say and how to advertise for them to hit the buy button.   
  2. 4
    Scaling Your Business to Work Without You.  
     Learn how to set up systems that will allow you to grow your company without having to work the everyday task of the company.  

You can't find more value for your money

6 Live Classes that will will help you develop and take your business to the next level of profits


Business Concepts That Solve Problems

Every business must solve a problem.  The larger the problem you solve the more money you can make.  We will help you uncover your end user's pain points and how your solution can make them buy. 

Business Plan Using The Business Canvas Model

We are showing you how to utilize the Business Canvas Model.  Plan your business on one sheet of paper. This section will show you every aspect total business in one place. 

Developing Your Target Market and Message

We will help you develop and define your target message to your target audience to help generate more sales. 

Branding Your Company and Messaging 

We help you understand how to position your company: logo, colors, messaging.  Branding makes a memorable impression on end users and lets them know what to expect from your company. 

Scaling Your Company From Within

Developing systems will allow you to bring order and put your business on autopilot.  You will begin to put systems in place and learn how to develop standard operating procedures. 

The Real Job of A CEO Versus an Owner

Learn how to make this transition through each stage of your business. Developing your business as an employee, CEO, and finally a Owner is the natural progression of ownership.   

About Your Instructor

Minister George M. Howard Jr. is the Author of Edit Your Credit first published in 2002 (yes, over 18 years ago).   In 2018, Mr. Howard revised the book Edit Your Credit into a 3 book series. He has served in the credit industry in one capacity or another for over 20 years.  Through his experience, he has acquired insider secrets Credit Reporting Agencies do not want you to know. As Founder of Financial Freedom University Mr. Howard has literally helped thousands of people immediately accelerate their credit rating, pay off over 70 million dollars of debt, and obtain over 30 million dollars of cash-flow.  He has carefully documented his tips, techniques and tactics to afford you the opportunity to "Edit Your Credit". 

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Receive ongoing credit help in our Credit Conquerors Group, Freedom Fighters Group, and Business Builders Group. Have access to our private group where you will join people from all over the country.  Learn how they are having success negotiating, deleting negative items and building their credit score. 


6 Steps to 6 Figures - Mini Course

Receive the 6 Steps to 6 Figures mini course at no at no additional cost. We are including this 6 lesson class that will take you through all the pillars of Financial Freedom: mind transformation, cash-flow generation, debt elimination, credit restoration, tax minimization and wealth accumulation. 


Free Credit Rocket

The Credit Rocket is the best thing in credit repair ever.  We have done all the work for you, simply put in your account name and number and generate your credit letter.  Plus, send your letter certified mail from your device and never leave your home. Receive this free for an entire month. 

Get Your Money Back in 90 Days

We put our money where our mouth is.  If you apply each of the steps in this course and your credit score does not increase within 90 days, we will give you 100% of your money back.  No questions asked. 

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