What Make Us Different?

Curriculum's give you the knowledge and you are left to apply the knowledge on your own.  

At Financial Freedom University we believe in Programs.  Our programs walk you through step by step to Financial Freedom.  Together we will change your cash-flow, debt, net worth, credit, business credit, taxes and investing. 

We have made wealth simple... At FFU we teach WEALTHOLOGY. 

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Financial Courses

Financial Freedom University has become the most comprehensive educational resource in the financial industry.  Through our curriculum's we have eliminated over 77 million in debt and generated over 31 million dollars in cash-flow.  

We teach each student  how to transition through each financial stage of 'Keep More Money', 'Make More Money, and Grow More Money.   Through this process we transform Consumers into Capitalist.  

Your life will be transformed as you embark upon your financial journey from the "land of not enough" to the "land of more than enough".

1-3-5-7 Plan

Within the first year of following our program you will see amazing results.  Through our Ambassador program, life style management and income shifting you should generate produce enough cash flow that will allow you to produce an emergency fund, start your debt free journey and restoring your credit.

Within the first three years we have seen what no other Financial Education System can claim.  Following our plan we have seen our average student producing dramatic resulting in over 700 credit scores and owning property debt free for our students.

With the five years of following our system the average student should be able to fire their boss and become a full time capitalist, owning their own business.  Through the Ambassador program you should be making more money at home than on your full time job.

Within seven years our average student will be totally debt free, credit restored, taxes lowered, and generating passive income allowing them to retire and leave an inheritance to their children’s children.  We are excited for you and your family as you can be totally financially free in 7 years or less.

Become Financially Free

6 Financial Courses

Learn to be a capitalist as you transition through all 3 phases of money: Keep, Make and Grow More Money.  Be prepared for your mindset, cash-flow, debt, credit, taxes, and wealth to change for the better in these courses. With more than 24 hours of teaching FFU will help you see money differently, do money differently and have different results with money. 

The Credit Rocket

We've made credit repair easy with our automated credit restoration software.  Simply, enter your account names and numbers and watch bankruptcies, repos, lates, collections, charge off, tax liens and judgments disappear from your credit. Restore your credit from a computer, cell phone or tablet.  We have truly made credit restoration fast, simple and effective. 

3 Real Estate Courses

Learn how to purchase tax liens in every state in the country with this 3 course package.  We have made learning tax liens and deeds simple as we walk you through: The Personality, The Plan, The Process, The Preparation, The Purchase and The Profit. 

Wills - Trust - Estate Planning

Estate planning is a must have when looking at a person’s overall financial wellness. Putting in place trusts, will’s, durable power or attorney, and health care directives are essential to complete your journey to “The Land of More Than Enough”

CIA Credit Calls

Participate in our monthly call with our credit experts.  Ask our credit experts any questions you need to help you generate a perfect credit.  

Business Development

Learn all the essentials of starting a business, choosing a corporation entity, configuring competitive analysis, minimum valuable product, identifying your target market, pricing and profit. 


Keep More Money

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen
Grow More Money

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Broke is a temporary condition and Poverty is a mindset.

Financial Freedom University

We have a 5 Star rating across the internet.  We look forward to giving you 5 Star education and service. 

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