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Edit Your Credit
Insider Secrets to Excellent Credit

Edit Your Credit
Insider Secrets to Excellent Credit

How to Quickly and Easily Raise Your Credit Score As Much As 150 Points in  Days or Less Without Hiring a Lawyer or Credit Repair Specialist.

Secrets Revealed in This Free Book

  • How to increase your score by 100 points immediately
  • All Credit Reports Have Errors- Including Yours - And What To Do About It
  • Credit Bureaus are FOR PROFIT agencies not Government entities 
  • if lenders can't prove the account is yours AND accurate - it must be deleted - legally
  • The Burden of Proof Is on The Lender Not you - But You must Enforce It
  • Why You Should Not Trust The Credit Reporting Agencies and How To Hold Them Accountable
  • Credit Reports They Never Wanted You To Know About
  • All of The Reasons Lenders Deny You and How Not to be Denied
  • Your Debt Has An Expiration Date
  • The One Thing Lenders Look For And How To Get Approved 
  • Lenders Reporting Your Information Is Voluntary System So Your Report Can Be Changed - Legally
  • TransUnion, Experian, Equifax Are Trying To Take Over FICO Scoring
  • 9 Ways To Increase Your Credit Score To 720 Fast
  • How To Force Collection Agencies To Delete Your Account
  • The Most Important Element On Your Credit Report - Not Your Score
  • How To Get Anything Removed From Your Credit 

Never Worry About 



Edit Your Credit

  • Credit Score Is Low
  • Embarrassed to Apply for Credit
  • Interest Rates Are Unaffordably High
  • Problems Renting A Car
  • No Financial Back Up Plan
  • Always Worrying About Money
  • Dreams Are Differed
  • Stressed Over Credit


Edit Your Credit

  • High Credit Scores
  • Confident When Applying For Credit
  • Save Money With Low Interest Rates
  • Rent A Car When You Want
  • Access to Money in Emergencies
  • Obtain Financial Peace
  • Fulfill Every Dream
  • Never Worry About Credit Again

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“Edit Your Credit”

Change Your Life When You Change Your Credit

Get approved for the loan you were afraid to apply for.

Save money by reducing those outrageous rates.

Eliminate financial strife and worry with financial security.

Avoid the Mistakes Most People Make With Their Credit

One of the mistakes people make is believing credit repair is as simple as sending a letter. Simply sending a letter with no strategy is one of the worse things you could ever do.  Credit repair is about forcing lenders to comply with the law. 

It's About the Law Not the Letters 

When you know the law, lenders are forced to remove inaccurate and unverifiable information.  For decades lenders and the credit bureaus have taken advantage of uninformed consumers.  Today, that day is over.  

  • 1
    Financial Pride: Possess the pride of knowing you can apply for what you want when you want.  Get rid of that embarrassing feeling when you know you have bad credit. 
  • 2
    Better Interest Rates: Save money by eliminating those ridiculous interest rates.  Imagine receiving the best rates on your car, furniture, credit card, and even business loans. 
  • 3
    Live Your Dreams:  Nothing is better than financial security. With good credit you can take dream vacations, purchase your dream home, or open the business you have always dreamed of owning. 

Bonus #1 - Quick Start Credit Guide

"The Fastest and Easiest Way to Begin Improving Your Credit Right Now..."

Total Value: $40.00

Improving your credit as soon as possible is vital to your financial health.  This Quick Start Credit Repair guide will teach you the fastest way to begin restoring your credit and increasing your score. This will show you how to immediately begin to increase your credit score.

We have simplified every step so ANYONE can increase their credit score in only 30 days. 

By completing these quick and easy steps you are almost ensured to see your credit skyrocket. 

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Bonus #2 - 30 Day Credit Challenge

"We Are Providing a Day by Day Guide and Step by Step Guide of 

What To Do, When To Do It, and How To Do It in 30 Days.  

Total Value: $50.00

We are challenging you to challenge your creditors and your credit score.  This credit challenge will show you exactly what to do in 30 days.  We have made DIY Credit Repair simple with TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Watch your credit score soar by following these easy steps. The 30 Day Credit Challenge will have the LARGEST impact on your credit, EVER. 

This is the easiest credit challenge resulting in the highest impact on your credit ... PERIOD.

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Bonus #3 - 800 Score Cheat Sheet

"We Are Telling You How to Enter the 800 Score Club 

Follow This Road Map And See Yourself At The 800 Score Club"

Total Value: $35.00

Entering the exclusive 800 credit score club is definitely a medal of honor. Less than 1 in 6 people have obtain this highlight. Follow the steps in this 800 Credit Score Cheat Sheet and enter this exclusive club. The benefits of an 800 credit score are limitless. 

  • Obtain Best Interest Rates 
  • Qualify for Any Credit Card
  • 24 Months Same As Cash
  • No Annual Fee Credit Card
  • 0% Financing On Cards and Cars
  • Best Mortgage Rate
  • Lowest Auto Insurance Premium
  • Best Personal Loan Rate

Change your financial future with this 800 Credit Score Cheat Sheet and watch your life excel. 

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Bonus #4 - Credit Blueprint

"Video Blueprint To Excellent Credit 

12 Module Course Filled With Little Known Credit Secrets..."

Total Value: $60.00

One single deletion on your credit report can make BIG difference to your credit score.

It can have a HUGE impact on your approval for a house, car, business loan or refinance.

Learn how to dispute foreclosures, bankruptcies, tax liens, student loans, late payments, medical collections, repossessions, charge-off, and collections effectively and so much more.  

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Bonus #5 - 6 Steps to 6 Figures Mini Course

"Get Your Credit, Cash-Flow, Debt, Taxes, and Investments Together With This Small But Remarkable Class"

Total Value: $40.00

The 6 Steps to 6 Figures mini course will show you how to obtain total financial freedom.  The reason most people have damaged credit is because of personal financial challenges. This small course will show you how to become financially free by applying 6 simple steps: 

  1. Mind transformation
  2. Cash-flow generation
  3. Debt elimination 
  4. Credit restoration
  5. Tax minimization
  6. Wealth accumulation  

These are the most essential steps to becoming financially free.  The results of applying the principles in this course are limitless!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Free Copy Of Edit Your Credit Today!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'EDIT YOUR CREDIT' Today!

  • Quick Start Credit Guide
  • 30 Day Credit Challenge
  • Credit Blueprint
  • 800 Score Cheat Sheet
  • 6 Steps to 6 Figures - Mini-Course

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