Tax Lien Master Class Virtual Conference - Labor Day Sale

Tax Lien Master Virtual Conference

Click the links below to to take advantage of these sales. 

 Hurry, these sales will only last until Labor Day.  

Learn from the successes and mistakes I learned while building my real estate empire.  

Come and learn as 4 or the 8 courses in the package are taught live with George Howard himself.  You do not want to miss this.  

 Plus get: Two weeks for Elite Mentorship Training.

We had so much fun in this conference.  We had 10 speakers with over 14 hours of content and fun.

Come learn from experts in their own disciplines:

  • Tax Lien Experts
  • Traditional Lending, Hard Money, and Business Credit Loan Experts
  • Expert Contractors
  • Credit Experts
  • Self Directed IRA Experts

This has never been done before.

George Howard has set aside 10 spots for Mentor to Millions.  If you desire to be mentored by Financial Moses then hold your spot today.  

Every Mentee has purchased a tax lein or deed.  We are the only mentorship group anywhere who can make a 100% success claim and we plan on keeping it.