Mentorships will begin on March 23, 2020


Allow Mr. George Howard Jr.  to Mentor you into freedom, success, prosperty through real estate.  Select your package below and join Mr. Howard's Mentor to Millions.  Ever person mentored by Mr. Howard has purchased a mininum of 3 hourse in one year - DEBT FREE.  You don't want to miss this oppertunity. 



The Auction Profits mentorship will allow you to be personally mentored by George Howard himself.  Spend a weekend with George, with a limited number of people,  as he personally walks you through the best way to scrub the list, take's you personally to see properties, go over the condition of the properties, estimate the rehab, and come up with the best auction strategy to obtain the most auction profits.  


Join a select number of people who will be mentored by George himself.  Inner Circle is a prerequisite before joining the Elite Mentoreship Program.  All George to walk you through every step to purchase and then profit from tax lien sales in Lake County Indiana. Inner Circle includes all the benefits of Auction Profit Mentorship with the addition of George and his team overseeing the rehabilitation of your property purchased at the auction.


Mr. Howard  is inviting you to join him over a 6 month Mentorship/Apprenticeship and receive hands on training with one of the most sought after tax lien experts in the country, Mr.  George Howard.  

Go through Mr. Howard's 6 month curriculium and personal mentorship.  Learn how to purchase real estate with a profit every time,  rehab a project, structure loans, be the bank (land contracts), protect your investments with real estate trust, LLC's, and S-Corps.   Also have the oppertunity to become a conference facilator by completing this curriculim and at least one project.