50/50 Partnership Opportunity

Partner! Purchase! Profit!

Build Your Retirement and Long-Term Wealth Through Tax Lien Investing!

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3!

Your Steps 1 - 2 - 3

  • 1


    Sign partnership agreement and invest the minimum amount.

  • 2


    Our team will do the research and due diligence and will qualify liens to be purchased. Next, we will represent you and your investing strategy at the auction. Sit back and relax as we win bids for literally pennies on the dollar. We will then oversee all of the legal work necessary for those liens to turn into real property. We work diligently on your behalf as a partner and train your money to work for you as well.

  • 3


    Get paid! After the legal process is completed and we've successfully acquired the deed on a property is when the real fun begins. We will rehab the property (if needed) to ensure it is either "for-rent or for-sale ready". We will then seek out a tenant or buyer and whether the property is sold or rented, you will receive 50% of all of profits.

Our Steps Behind The Scenes

  • 1

    Property Research

    The team literally spends dozens of hours researching hundreds of properties on the tax sale list. Research includes: list sorting, record searches, talking with neighbors, taking pictures, and compiling strategies.

  • 2

    Compile List Of Qualified Properties

    You will be able to review properties based on the strategy you have selected. We will send you a private link of our qualified properties so you can let us know the properties you've selected to bid on at the auction.

  • 3

    Attend The Auction

    Whether the auction is live or online, it's imperative that we are on our P's & Q's during auction time! We will carry out your wishes during the time of the auction for each of the selected properties. Our goal is to win ALL bids at the auction!

  • 4

    Legal Process to Obtain Deed

    We will oversee that the necessary servings and publications be sent to all lien holders in order to legally obtain the deed in court.

  • 5

    Petition for Deed in Court

    We will attend all legal proceedings in order to obtain deeds on properties that were NOT redeemed.

  • 6

    Rehab the Property

    When deed has been granted by the courts, rehab (if needed) of your new property will begin with estimates and time-frames provided.

  • 7

    Send Pictures of Rehab During the Process

    We keep you well informed through-out the entire process. We will send you before, during and after photos so you know EXACTLY what is happening with your new purchase.

  • 8

    Exit Strategy

    Depending on your strategy we will either flip, rent, or owner finance the property.

  • 9

    We Finally Get Paid!

    After all of the work mentioned beforehand is complete, any profits are then split 50/50 with partners minus the cost of taxes, insurance, and repairs.