Refund Policy For Books and Digital Material or Online Training

Most physical purchases are refundable within 30 days based upon return of all materials received in resalable condition less shipping and handling (if applicable). Digital products are refundable up until 10 days of purchase or until content has been accessed. We will not refund any amount if our content has already been accessed.

Subscription Purchases

I agree that all subscription purchases are billed in advance.  Upon cancellation of subscription I am still responsible for paying for the entire month/week of which I had access to the digital product even if I did not access the digital product that month/week.  I agree as Financial Freedom University provides a product, service, or digital product they deserve to be paid for that month/weeks service even if I did not access the product that month/week.

I agree, it would be in my best interest to cancel on the last day of my billing cycle as proration will NOT be considered or given.  For example, if I cancel my subscription and I have remaining of 20 days left in my billing cycle I will not request or be offered a refund for the remaining 20 days for proration.  I also agree, I will NOT dispute a prorated amount after cancellation to my credit card and if I do this statement of Terms and Conditions will disqualify me from any refund.

I agree all sales are final 10 days after online purchase. I agree that once I have access ANY content I am waiving my right to ANY amount of refund.  I also agree, I will not contact my credit card company after such 10 day refund period expires or if I have accessed any content from Financial Freedom University or its partners or subsidiaries.

Our Live Training and In-person events are governed by a separate refund policy located here: Refund Policy – In-Person Events

In the event that I request a refund of a physical product, I will contact Financial Freedom University at 888.88.MYFFU ext 102 to receive a return authorization number. Once I am provided an RA number, I must return my material in resalable condition to Financial Freedom University within 7 business days via traceable means. We cannot be held responsible for any lost packages. Returns received without a RA number or that are delivered after 7 business days may result in a delay of the refund process.

Duty to Read. I accept that under this agreement I have a duty to read this refund policy and have done so. Furthermore, I understand and accept that I am stopped from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.

Please note that your credit card statement should reflect a purchase from Financial Freedom University