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"By the end of 2017 I will have purchased Over 40 houses DEBT FREE in 2 years for less than $60,000."

Best Investment Ever

By the end of 2017 I will have purchased OVER 40 houses DEBT FREE in 2 years for less than $60,000.

This will generate about $28,000 in cash-flow every month resulting in over a 300% return in a single year. No other investment has this kind of return, ANYWHERE.

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Grow Your Wealth Risk Free

You are on this site because you want to make money.  Guess what, so did I, before I discovered this investment opportunity a few years ago.  Tax lien investments are the most secure investment you will ever find in addition, they produce higher returns than any other investment.  With returns ranging from a guaranteed 10% to 36% (depending on the state) plus your investment is held as security against the real estate/property.  Meaning, if you do not receive your interest then you will get the house, debt free.  Register today as this  home study course will teach you how to invest in tax lien certificates in every state in the country.

This course will teach you:

  • Tax Liens - Purchase and Profit Guide

    Our 300 plus page manual will walk you through step by step how to: obtain a tax lien list in your state, develop an overall financial strategy, select properties, estimate cost before purchasing, bid, lease, rent, sell, and much more.

  • Tax Lien - From Purchase to Profit Instructional Video

    The Purchase to Profit instructional video is over 8-hours of class-room instruction teaching the step-by-step how to prepare, purchase, and profit for each sale you may choose to attend. Preparation is key to a good strategy, purchasing is the action that results from planing, and profit is what we have worked so hard for.

  • Unlimited Support

    We understand that many students crawl before they walk.  No one wants to crawl for very long.  Our goal is to get you up on your feet and running.  With our  unlimited 90 day  email support you will find yourself maturing in knowledge resulting in your confidence as you go from crawling (infancy) to running (maturity) in tax sales.

You will also receive:

  • 1-On-1 Purchase to Profit Stragety Session

    No one will win without a strategy.  Each student who purchases From Purchase to Profit will receive a free strategy session to answer any questions, formulate plan, conquer fears,  and go from purchase to profit.  We take your success seriously as your success equals our success.

  • Tax Lien - Purchase to Profit - Documents and Forms

    Included in Purchase to Profit you will also receive documentation you will need before and after the sale.  With this package you will receive over 20 documents including but not limited to: leases, land contracts, investment pro forma, rehab cost worksheets, property cards, sales contracts, etc. These documents are essential for any investor purchasing real estate.

  • Tax Liens - Purchase to Profit - Tax Free Retirement Guide

    Retirement is becoming more questionable for each American every day.  From Purchase to Profit will give each student the information necessary to utilize tax deferred accounts such as a Self-Directed IRA. This strategy will allow your investments to grow tax deferred and have access to funds to purchase properties.

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Free Purchase and Profit Strategy Session

You are not in this alone.  Take advantage of our free  30 minute consultation to answer any questions and to place you in the correct direction.  Unlike most courses, we understand that questions still exist when the course is completed. Therefore, we have included 90 days of unlimited email support and a free 30 minute consultation that will certainly clear up many questions you may have.  It is our goal for each of our students to be successful in purchasing tax liens/deeds resulting in higher returns.

We Are There When You Are Lost

See What Our Students Are Saying

Shavon West, FFU Student

"I met Mr. Howard on Periscope on a Sunday night and was in his class on Monday. The following Tuesday I bought my first property debt free utilizing the knowledge and skills learned from Mr. Howard. That's right, it only took 8 days of mentoring for me to obtain a debt free property.  I look forward to so much more to come from his vast knowledge and experience. "

Euguene Allwood, FFU Student

"Mr. Howard and FFU is the greatest! He teaches you everything you need to know with tax sales.  I have over $2,000,000 in real-estate I have have spent less than $50,000.00.  I now own 22 properties and I own them debt free. I am Jamaican and I come in this country with nothing and now I am a millionaire. "

Don't Work Your Way Through Retirement

Issac Newton's first law of motion

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.  Your savings, net-worth, and retirement will not change until you make it change.  Set in motion your financial strategy by purchasing the From Purchase to Profit - Tax Lien Kit and watch your financial future change.

How ready will you be for retirement? 

If you do not do something different today your tomorrow will be the same.  Ask yourself, how much do I need for retirement and what age would I like to retire ? Now ask, do I see myself creating this amount of wealth within this time period?  If the answer is no then time is not on your side.  The only way to make tomorrow better is to make the right choices today.  Do not work your way though retirement set change in motion.

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