Tax Lien  Master Class 

Virtual Conference

Saturday September 5,  at 9:00 AM CST



Tax Lien Master Class

Saturday September 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM CST

Virtual Conference

This Tax Lien Master Class Virtual Conference is leaving no stone unturned.  We are throwing everything at you including the kitchen sink.  We are lining up 10 of the best subject matter experts to deliver over 12 hours of content.  We are going to blow your mind with tax lien and real estate knowledge. 

10 Experts Speaking Over 12 Hours of Content

Our goal is to teach you everything it takes to excel in Tax Lien and Deed Investing.  We are covering all of the following in one conference. 

  • The Purchase
  • The Legal Process
  • Financing Your Deal
  • Renovating Your Tax House
  • Selling/Renting
  • Key Speakers

    Part One

    Sharon Jones

    Tax Lien Specialist


    Tax Liens Do's and Don'ts

    Sharon is a licensed real estate broker and an expert tax lien investor. She has purchased over 30 properties and she does the majority of the rehab herself.  

    Lemar Welch

    Lending Specialist

    Traditional Finance

    Lemar has over 20 years as a loan officer, manager and owner in the mortgage industry.  With his knowledge and experience he has closed over 2500 deals.  If you are looking for traditional financing Lemar is your guy.  

    James Andrews

    Lending Specialist

    Loans and Programs for Tax Lien Buyers

    James Andrews has been in the finance industry for over 20 years.  He owns his own brokerage and is looking forward to showing you how to get approved.  If you are looking for unconventional financing James will be a blessing to you. 


    Midland SDIRA

    How to Use SDIRA's

    Kelsey Dineen is with Midland Trust as a senior member of Midland’s Sales and New Business Development team.  She will show you how to roll over your retirement (401K, IRA, Pension) without facing any penalty or taxes and use it for investing (real estate). 

    Key Speakers

    Part Two

    Secret Guest 

    7 Keys to Selling a Tax Lien House

    This person is going to blow your mind. 

    Eddie Tarver


    10 Major Construction Tips for Tax Lien Investors

    Eddie is a residential and commercial license and bonded contractor.  With over 25 years of experience taking on multi-million dollar projects to tax lien rehabs you will not find someone who knows more about renovating tax lien homes than Eddie

    James Dillion, Esquire

    Understanding The Tax Lien Legal Process

    James Dillion is the attorney for George Howard and Financial Freedom University representing them in tax lien acquisitions, contracts, and sells.  Atty Dillion will show you the legal steps you should take to obtain a tax deed. 

    Don Guernsey


    Auction Strategies 

    Don is an expert Auctioneer.  He has represented the tax lien sale in Lake County for several years.  He has personally broken the records for tax lien sales in the county for the last 3 years. You will be blessed as you here different auction tips from Don. 

    Michael Mann

    Business Credit

    Purchasing Properties with Business Credit

    Michael is the business credit guru.  He will help you gain financing for real estate utilizing your business credit.  Mr. Mann is one of Mr. Howard favorite speakers.  He will be a blessing to you and this conference. 

    George Howard Financial Moses

    Questions and Answers

    George is the Financial Moses of today.  As the owner of Financial Freedom University his goal is to set 1,000,000 families free from financial bondage.  He has personally purchased over 100 properties from the tax sale. 

    Occupied 2 Bed Room 1 Bath
    Purchased for $500

    Worth $30,000

    Rent $525

    2 Bed Room 1 Bath
    Purchased for $500

    Worth $50,000

    Rent $800

    3 Bed Room 1 Bath
    Purchased for $1,600

    Worth $70,000

    Rent $800

    Occupied Triplex
    Purchased For $2,500

    Worth $100,000

    Rent $1,000

    2 Bed Room House
    Purchased for $500

    Worth $45,000

    Rents $750

    3 Bed Room 2 Full Bath
    Purchased For $500

    Worth 50,000

    Rents $850

    See Some of Our Students Success

    Earnest Dawn

    Sheba Abernathy

    Harolyn Williams

    Catrina Beverly

    Parable Financial 

    Davita Hunter

    Latrisa Giles


    Lorain Sims

    Parable financial 2

    Earnest Dawn 2

    Parable Financial 3


    I'm a single mome and I purchased the mentorship from George and it has been unbelieveable.  I have purchased a total of 4 properties debt free and have spent less than $5,000 for all of them.  If you are thinking about joining Financial Freedom University please take my advice and join today.  George, breaks down everything so simple anyone can understand and he has the heart of an angel.  I thank God for him and FFU. 

    Jennifer Pattmore - FFU Student 

    I met George in February and in two months, I purchased three properties.  My life has completely transformed since I've met George.  He leads by example and shows you that you can do it too. I went from homeless for six months to owning over three properties in less than two months after taking George’s mentor program. I could not have done it if George didn't give me the opportunity and had the patience to work with me!!!

    Levette Ford - FFU Student

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