Total Financial Wellness

Eliminate Debt. Minimize Taxes. Build Wealth. Live Free.

My name is George M. Howard Jr. 

I created "Financial Freedom University" to show you how to arrive in the "Land of More Than Enough". Allow me to customize your wealth enhancement plan to show you how to obtain a life free from worry, stress, and lack.

Here Is Why You Need This

Your wealth enhancement plan is a customized  by George M. Howard Jr. to enhance your overall personal financial wellness.  Your plan is purposed to generate more cash-flow, get you rid of debt, obtain/maintain an excellent credit rating, minimize your tax rating, and build wealth through various investments.

6 Steps to 6 Figures at Your Finger Tips

Mr. Howard, Financial Moses, is at your finger tips through email or monthly private webinars.  Get all 6 steps personally customized to your personal financial needs.

Customized Wealth Enhancement Plan

Sit back and allow Mr. Howard to setup your personal wealth enhancement plan.  Mr. Howard will mentor you to generate more cash flow, customize your debt elimination, help you to restore your credit, minimize your taxes, and finally ( 6 month mentoring package only) invest in Forex, stocks, real estate and insurance.

Benefits of Wealth Mentor

Allow Mr.  Howard to Negotiate For You

Are you nervous to negotiate with creditors? Give Mr. Howard the authorization and he personally will make calls to creditors for you.  Mr. Howard's keen knowledge of finance and negotiation has the potential to help you pay less to collection agencies, turn negative into positive trade-lines, and remove items from your credit report.

Monthly Accountability Calls

Each month you will receive a 30 minute private consultation from Mr. Howard to setup or modify your wealth enhancement plan allowing for, accountability, questions and answers, and personal wealth mentoring.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Howard for over a year now and have seen radical improvement in my finances.  I was laid off due to a workforce reduction at my job and I have not had any financial concerns.  With Mr. Howard's help I am on my way to being totally debt free (excluding mortgage) by the end of 2016.  I have acquired two investment properties debt free which supplemented my income while I went to school full time.  Without the help of Mr. Howard I do not know how I would have been able to weather my financial storm.

Josette Robinson

FFU Student

"I met Mr. Howard on Periscope on a Sunday night and was in his class on Monday. The following Tuesday I bought my first property debt free utilizing the knowledge and skills learned from Mr. Howard. That's right, it only took 8 days of mentoring for me to obtain a debt free property.  I look forward to so much more to come from his vast knowledge and experience."

Shavon West

FFU Student

What Are You Waiting For?

Financial intelligence has the ability to make millions  without costing tens-of-thousands of dollars.  Give yourself an advantage by employing the knowledge and skills of Mr. Howard to personally help you achieve personal financial wellness.

Each day you delay this opportunity you are delaying you obtaining wealth.  Do not allow money to work against you another day.  Take action right now and begin your journey to the "Land of More Than Enough." Click the "subscribe" button below to begin your journey.