Financial Freedom University

How to turn $500 into $1,000,000

Cash Money in the Bank

* $500 is the minimum bid at auction of which me and my students have obtained several properties for the minimum bid. 

What You'll ‚ÄčLearn
On this Live Training:

  1. A real plan teaching you how to turn $500 in to over $1,000,000 CASH MONEY IN THE BANK - utilizing no credit.
  2. How develop passive income that will replace your current income in less than 4 years.
  3. Discover how I built my real estate empire starting with only $300.00 with absolutely no credit.         (Proof: Documentation Provided at Training)


Here is my guarantee to you.  If I don't tell you how you can literally create over $1,000,000 of wealth beginning with $500 then I will personally give you $500 for wasting your time.  No one make this kind of guarantee.  There is nothing to loose but you have a lot to gain.


 George M. Howard Jr. 
Financial Freedom University