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A   J O U R N E Y   T O   M I L L I O N S

                                                                                        T A X   L I E N S   P U R C H A S E S

                                                                             Take a walk with me through my favorite 10 out of

                                                                             100 tax lien purchases.  Each of these houses are

                                                                             my favorite for different reasons.  Some because

                                                                             of the price and the condition of the house and

                                                                             others for the profit.  No matter what, take your

                                                                             time and see my 10 favorite tax lien purchases.

                                                                             This one is my favorite because it is the first

                                                                             house I purchased at a tax sale.  I bought this

                                                                             house unsight and unseen.  I'm glad because if I

                                                                             would have seen this property before purchasing I

                                                                             probably would not have purchased it.

                                                                             This purchase is one of the best decision of my

                                                                             life.  Because of this purchase I know how to

                                                                             rehab properties myself. Because of this

                                                                             purchase we have developed Tax Lien Courses,

                                                                             Conferences, Training's, Email Series and

                                                                             changed 1000's of lives.  This house is truly

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