Project Description

The Inner Circle

Join a select number of people who will be mentored by George himself.  Inner Circle is a prerequisite before joining the Elite Mentoreship Program.  All George to walk you through every step to purchase and then profit from tax lien sales in Lake County Indiana.  Inner Circle includes all the benefits of Auction Profit Mentorship with the addition of George and his team overseeing the rehabilitation of your property purchased at the auction. 

Spend a weekend with George, with a limited number of people,  as he personally walks you through the best way to scrub the list, take's you personally to see properties, go over the condition of the properties, estimate the rehab, and come up with the best auction strategy to obtain the most auction profits.  Then allow George and his team to continue to mentor you as you negotiate with contractors and oversee your rehabilitation process of your houses. 

  • Join a small and elect number of people
  • Spend an entire weekend with George
  • Research the list with George
  • Go out and see properties with George
  • Estimate properties with George
  • Put together an auction strategy with George
  • Attend the Lake County Auction with George
  • Allow George to help you negotiate with contractors
  • Have George and his team to over see the rehabilitation of your project

George has helped students and mentee's literally purchase 100's of houses for an average price of $900.  The Inner Circle Mentorship is designed to walk you hand in hand through the research, the auction itself, negotiating with contractors, and overseeing the rehabilitation on your behalf.