Obtaining Wealth God’s Way

Poverty Is A Mindset And Broke Is A Temporary Condition


Financial Freedom University transforms consumers into capitalist through the Biblical principle of combining Faith and Works. By applying the Biblical teachings of financial education, real estate acquisition, business development, and developing passive income through investing. FFU will deliver 1 million families from the Land of Not Enough (Egypt) to the Land of More Than Enough (Canaan) thereby, allowing students to live an abundant life and leave an inheritance for their children’s, children’s.

Live Classes for $20 

Take Your Finances, Credit and Business to the Next Level

Classes Begin April 14,2020


Financial Freedom University students has had extra ordinary results in eliminating debt, obtaining assets, and generating cash flow.

  • Debt – over $77,000,000 dollars in debt eliminated

  • Cash Flow –  Over $31,000,000 of cash flow generated

  • Real Estate –  over 200 properties debt free in 4 years

  • Assets –  over $8,000,000 in assets purchased debt free

No matter how busy your schedule our self paced classes will fit directly into your life.

1-3-5-7 PLAN

Financial Freedom University has a proven system that will produce results when you follow our road map of make, keep and grow more money plan. Because everyone’s financial situation is different and each person has a different work ethic we can’t make guarantees however we can share with you the average results of previous students.

Within the first year of following our program you will see amazing results.  Through our Ambassador program, life style management and income shifting you should generate produce enough cash flow that will allow you to produce an emergency fund, start your debt free journey and restoring your credit.

Within the first three years we have seen what no other Financial Education System can claim.  Following our plan we have seen our average student producing dramatic resulting in over 700 credit scores and owning property debt free for our students.

With the five years of following our system the average student should be able to fire their boss and become a full time capitalist, owning their own business.  Through the Ambassador program you should be making more money at home than on your full time job.

Within 7 years our average student will be totally debt free, credit restored, taxes lowered, and generating passive income allowing them to retire and leave an inheritance to their children’s children.  We are excited for you and your family as you can be totally financially free in 7 years or less.

Retire in 7 Years or Less 

Become Financially Free with our 1-3-5-7 plan by completing our ‘Keep’, ‘Make’, ‘Grow’ More Money Systems.

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